Gwen Burlington text

This place is a message

Gwen Burlington is an Irish writer based in London. She wrote a text in response to Webb-Ellis’ film ‘This place is a message’. ‘These affinities linking pre-history and far future grip the film; how to comprehend life 10,000 years into the future when language breaks down, and any sense of commonality is hard to imagine.

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 Emily LaBarge Essay

Some notes on proximity and distance

Emily LaBarge is a Canadian writer based in London.  She wrote an essay in response to Webb-Ellis’ film ‘For the First Baby Born in Space’. ‘What will the first baby born in space think? What do we want her to know? That it was ordinary here, too, and spectacular. That it was many things, dazzling, heaving, flashing, waving, smashing, floating, blissful things.

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 Platform Arts Project

Online project with Jade Montserrat and Alexandra Moore


In collaboration with writer and academic Alexandra Moore, Webb-Ellis and Jade Montserrat discuss their 2015 series of short ‘performance to camera’ videos, opening up conversations spanning land ownership, collaboration, feminism, race, and trauma.

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  Gwen Burlington Essay

Dancers of the Future


Gwen Burlington is an Irish writer based in London.  She wrote an essay in response to Webb-Ellis’ film ‘For the First Baby Born in Space’. As the credits went up and we look out to the horizon, I thought of the dancer Isadora Duncan who shouted bare chested at the end of a performance, “You were wild once here. Don’t let them tame you.”

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Jerwood Arts

Webb-Ellis in conversation with Emily LaBarge


Artist-duo Webb-Ellis discuss For The First Baby Born in Space, commissioned for Jerwood/FVU Awards 2019: Going, Gone, with writer, Emily LaBarge. 1 hour audio recording.

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Whitstable Biennale

Webb-Ellis In Conversation with Grace Lockrobin

What we’re doing in the schools has that linguistic foundation and then from that, we’re taking it into physical movement, returning the thoughts to the body and actively seeking the place where words disappear. What’s interesting is then coming back full circle to try and find language again, the ideas are altered and this cycle could go on indefinitely.

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 Mothlight Podcast

Audio interview with Jason Moyes, 2018

This time an interview with Caitlin and Andrew – British/Canadian artist filmmakers who go under the title Webb-Ellis. They work in film, installation, and performance and are currently resident artists at Crescent Arts in Scarborough. You’ll hear about their creative processes, how they translate ideas into moving images, the
importance of research and their new work Inheritors.

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 Aesthetica Magazine

Magazine interview, 2017

Touch is a recurring subject in our research and films. Parlor Walls explored the remote touch of the human voice and the virtual touch of hands, through the YouTube phenomenon of ASMR. This project builds on that work, rethinking it as an act with the potential to shape human evolution, and a way to think about the delicate interfaces between all life.

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